Breaking: Pelosi Doubling-Down and Rushing Forward With Impeachment Vote!

For months, the Trump administration has been investigating the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation. The President has called Ukraine, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Australia to ask those governments to cooperate in this DOJ investigation.

Over the weekend, Attorney General Barr and US Attorney Durham were overseas collecting evidence of the Obama administration's crimes.

The Democrats feel the walls closing in. That is why they are rushing forward with their impeachment push. They know they need to remove Trump before it is too late for them.

But instead of fighting back, the GOP cowards are bending over. Reports indicate that at least 35 Senate Republicans are leaning towards removing Trump from office and at least 55 House Republicans are still refusing to say where they stand on the issue of impeachment...

We are so close to getting to the bottom of the Obama administration's crimes, but these Republican cowards want to just give it all up!

You CANNOT let them do this!

Please, send your instant letter to Congress and FORCE them to kill Nancy Pelosi's impeachment or else they will be removed from office!

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