Update: Dems Now Have Enough GOP Votes to Kill the Border Wall!

Republicans and Democrats held test votes last year to see how many GOPers were willing to vote to kill President Trump's border wall project. In total, 22 Republicans in the House and Senate voted to cancel the President's national emergency order and claw back all of the funding.

The Left is now moving forward with their plan to pull the plug on the border wall for good. They have slipped amendments into both the National Defense Authorization Act and the Homeland Security Appropriations Act cancelling the President's funding and making border wall construction illegal.

And the GOP is so desperate to avoid another government shutdown, they are giving-in to the Left's demands!

This is it. If these bills pass as-is, it is all over.

Please, you must send your instant and urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill these two anti-border wall amendments before it's too late!

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