Nancy Pelosi Forcing Vote to Restore All of Planned Parenthood's Funding!

President Trump actually did it. He officially pulled the plug on Planned Parenthood's funding and has now given it to pro-life pregnancy and women's healthcare centers instead!

Thanks to Trump's executive order, Planned Parenthood officially lost $33.6 million in Federal funding this past week!

But now, Congress is voting to give it all back! Democrats have slipped an amendment into the Health and Human Services Appropriations Act that would undo Trump's executive order and give Planned Parenthood all of its funding back!

And the GOP cowards are already caving to their demands!

You must stop them!

Please, join today's important FaxBlast campaign and tell Congress right now that you will remove any Congressman or Senator, Republican or Democrat, who dares vote to restore Planned Parenthood's funding!

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