Breaking News: Clinton Judge Defies Supreme Court, Rules Border Wall is Illegal!

A radical Clinton Judge just issued a ruling that the Border Wall construction is illegal. Judge David Briones announced that Trump 'broke the law' when he declared the border crisis to be a national emergency and vowed to defy the Supreme Court and shut the construction project down.

Trump is vowing to appeal the ruling but starting next week, Democrats and Establishment Republicans will vote to pull the funding for good.

Starting on Tuesday, Congress will start voting on the bills necessary to fund the government through the next year. Thanks to radical amendments that the Left slipped into them, if these bills pass as-is, then all border wall construction will end.

This is what is at stake. The Establishment is voting THIS WEEK to cancel over 450 miles of border wall construction.

You MUST stop them!

This is an urgent call to action! Please, you must bombard Congress with FaxBlasts and FORCE them to kill these anti-border wall spending bill amendments before its too late!

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