Wow: Dems and GOP Turncoats Vow to Save UN from Bankruptcy!

This is it. The United Nations just warned that they are on the brink of bankruptcy. If they do not get a significant cash infusion in the next two weeks, they have warned that they will need to start firing bureaucrats and shutting down their most wasteful programs.

The UN decided to send President Trump a bill for over $1 billion that they say we "owe" to them. Trump, of course, laughed in their face and told them he will never pay.

Republicans and Democrats in Congress, however, are planning to pay the bill. They are advancing legislation -- H.R. 2839 -- designed to not only restore the UN funding that Trump has cut, but remove the legal cap on US contributions to the United Nations so that Congress can bail them out.

The UN is falling apart and the globalists in Congress want to give away YOUR tax dollars to save them...

You must fight back!

Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and tell Republicans and Democrats alike that whoever votes for this UN funding bill will be dragged out of office!

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