Wow: Republicans Cave and Agree to Make Barack Obama's Amnesty Program Permanent!

The Supreme Court is set to finally overturn Barack Obama's illegal alien amnesty executive order. After years of fighting, we can finally see the finish line. We have a chance to finally send this program to the ash bin of history where it belongs.

But instead of celebrating, the GOP is rushing in to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Establishment Republicans have been quietly working with Democrats on an amnesty package to give a pathway to citizenship to millions of illegal aliens, even if they have criminal records!

Instead of holding their ground, Republican leaders are negotiating over how many illegals will get amnesty and how many crimes they will allowed to commit...

The answer should be ZERO!

Please, don't let the establishment stab you in the back on this! Join our FaxBlast campaign and help FORCE Congress to kill this radical amnesty surrender plan before it gets pushed through!

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