Breaking: McConnell Negotiating With Schumer on Impeachment Trial!

The Left's impeachment sham is falling apart. There are now EIGHT Democrats who have jumped off Pelosi's impeachment train and warned the Speaker not to rush forward with impeachment.

But even as the Left scrambles to find something to justify impeachment, Republicans are caving too. Only SEVEN Republican Senators are willing to publicly promise to vote against impeachment.

And now, Mitch McConnell is caving too. He is meeting with Chuck Schumer to go over the process for removing Trump from office. Instead of rallying to kill the Left's witch hunt, the GOP is rolling over...

You need to fight back. You need to fight back with everything you have.

Don't let these cowards cave to the radical Left!

Send your instant and urgent FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they shut this sham impeachment investigation down, or else be removed from office themselves!

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