Update: GOP Rushing to Pass Permanent Amnesty Bill Before Obama's Exec. Order is Overturned!

Establishment Republicans are meeting with Democrats to pass legislation to make Barack Obama's amnesty executive order.

In one week, the Supreme Court is set to hold a hearing on the amnesty program's legality and constitutionality. These Republican turncoats want to save the amnesty program before the Supreme Court shuts it down.

But the bill they are working on is worse than anything Obama could have dreamed up. Not only would it expand the amnesty giveaway to over 2.5 million illegals, but it would make convicted criminals eligible for amnesty and citizenship too.

This is the ultimate surrender and it is happening right now!

There is still time to stop the GOP and Democrats from passing this amnesty surrender bill into law, but we are running out of time!

Quick, join today's important FaxBlast campaign and help us bombard Congress to force them to KILL this illegal alien amnesty bill before it's too late!

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