Democrats Furious After Trump Announces He's Ending The Obama-UN Climate Treaty!

President Trump has officially started the process of withdrawing from the United Nations' Paris Climate Agreement. But Democrats are rushing forward with a bill that would cut Trump off and block the President from finishing the withdrawal process.

Not only that, but their bill would force the State Department to pay the $2 billion that Obama promised to the United Nations...

Barack Obama had no right to sign the United Nations' climate treaty. He had no right to pledge billions of dollars to their wealth redistribution scheme. Congress never ratified the treaty, so Obama's entire plan was unconstitutional.

But if H.R. 2938 passes as-is, Obama's treaty signature will become permanent and Trump will be blocked from ever withdrawing!

Quick, you must fight back before the Democrats and their GOP allies push this through!

Please, you need to join today's FaxBlast campaign before it's too late and STOP Congress from passing these UN surrender provisions!

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