Republican Traitors Debating Amnesty for Illegal Alien Convicted Criminals

In just a couple of days, the Supreme Court will hear the challenge against President Obama's unconstitutional illegal alien amnesty executive order.

The Establishments of both parties are scrambling to pass legislation to save Obama's amnesty program and expand it to cover four-times as many illegal aliens.

But the bill that Democrats and Republicans are negotiating over is the most radical amnesty bill ever introduced. It would grant amnesty and a pathway to citizenship to over 2.5 million illegal aliens, even if they have multiple criminal convictions!

Instead of holding the line, the GOP is literally debating how many illegal alien convicted criminals should receive American citizenship...

This is the biggest amnesty surrender that we have ever seen.

Please, you must rise up and kill this amnesty plan before it's too late! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and threaten to remove any Democrat or Republican who dares give amnesty and citizenship to these illegal alien criminals!

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