Breaking: Police Arrest Iraq Veteran, Purple Heart Recipient For Having Gun Magazines In His Attic!

Mike Harky served this country honorably in the United States for eight years until he was injured in Iraq by a roadside bomb. He received a Purple Heart for his injuries.

Now, the State of New Jersey wants to throw him in prison for 3 years because Police discovered two 30-round magazines in his Marine footlocker that he kept from his deployment.

Harky forgot the magazines were there. He doesn't even own a gun or bullets that he could use with the magazines. They have sat in his attic for years, still caked in sand from the Iraqi desert. 

But the prosecutors in New Jersey want to throw the book at Mike and make an example of him.

He urgently needs your help right now!

Please, join today's campaign and put pressure on both Congress and the New Jersey government officials to intervene and save Mike Harky from prosecution before it's too late.

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