Update: Dems Advancing Plan to Save United Nations From Going Broke!

The UN warned that if the United States did not pay them the $1 billion that we "owe," then the United Nations would face bankruptcy. Today, for the third weekend in a row, the UN has been forced to close its NY Headquarters building just to stay afloat.

United Nations officials gave Trump a bill for $1 billion and the President told them to get lost. 'Go ask another country to bail you out!'

But Democrats in Congress are now promising to come to the UN's rescue. They are promising to send the United Nations an extra $1.2 billion this month in order to save them from bankruptcy. And the GOP is going to let them do it!

Both parties think they can get away with this. They assume that the American people won't pay attention to the new UN funding levels tucked away in H.R. 2839.

Now that you know what they are doing, you must fight back and stop them!

Please, don't let the Establishment prop up the United Nations and give them any more of your tax dollars! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and DEMAND that they kill these UN funding amendments inside of the State Department and Foreign Operations Appropriations Act!

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