Breaking: Democrats Now Blocking ALL of the Republican Impeachment Witnesses!

Republicans submitted their list of witnesses to testify during the public impeachment hearings. In addition to calling Hunter Biden and another Burisma board member, the GOP also requested to hear from DNC and Fusion GPS officials who worked with corrupt Ukrainian officials to put together the anti-Trump "dossier" back in 2016.

Donald Trump has admitted he slow-walked foreign aid to Ukraine because of corruption concerns. These witnesses would prove that the concerns were legitimate.

Adam Schiff, however, has rejected all of the witnesses. Not a single GOP witness will be allowed to testify during the open hearings. And in the Senate, the GOP leadership is refusing to call them either. Establishment Republicans respect the Bidens, and don't think there is any need to question them, or any of the other anti-Trump conspirators, under oath.

They are literally abandoning the President!

Quick, you must fight back before it's too late. Please join today's FaxBlast campaign and help us BOMBARD Congress with a half million FaxBlasts demanding that they shut this sham impeachment down, once and for all!

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