Republican Traitors Have New Plan to Remove Trump From Office

Anti-Trump Republican Traitors now have a new plan. They want to hold the impeachment votes in the House and Senate in secret.

They know that it would be political suicide to vote to impeach or remove President Donald Trump. So, they want to hold the vote in secret so they can hide their vote from the American people.

Let me say this again: This is a Republican proposal. And it would only take THREE Republicans to side with the Democrats to make it happen!

This is a coup. These cowards believe they know better than the 63 million Americans who elected Donald Trump and they want to undo the 2016 election.

You must -- and I emphasize this, MUST -- fight back right now!

Please, join our campaign to deliver a million FaxBlasts to Congress today threatening to remove any Congressman or Senator, Republican or Democrat, who dares take part in this Deep State coup!

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