Idiot Democrats Say Impeachment Hearsay is Better Than Real Evidence

Yesterday's impeachment hearing was a total disaster for Democrats. Both of the Left's star witnesses admitted that they have never even spoken with President Trump. They admitted that the "evidence" they were presenting is nothing but opinion and hearsay.

Nancy Pelosi held a rambling press conference this morning declaring that the impeachment coup will continue because Democrats still believe that Donald Trump is a Russian asset.

Schiff has been humiliated and Pelosi is grasping at straws to keep the witch hunt together. Now, vulnerable Democrats are starting to jump ship and the Republicans who were conspiring to remove Trump are now thinking twice about whether it is worth it. And Conservatives in Congress are finally taking the fight to the Democrats!

This is the opening we have been waiting for.

Now is the time to finish this fight, but we can't do it without you!

Please, join today's campaign and help us bombard Congress with a MILLION FaxBlasts threatening to remove any Republican or Democrat who dares support this no-evidence anti-Trump coup!

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