Breaking: GOP Admitting Citizenship For Illegal Alien Criminals Is On The Table

The GOP has been using the impeachment hearings as cover so that they can stab you in the back!

Republican turncoats have spent the week negotiating with Democrats on an amnesty bill to save Barack Obama's illegal alien amnesty executive order. Now that the Supreme Court is about to shut the amnesty program down, the GOP is desperately trying to save it.

And these fools are now agreeing to pass Nancy Pelosi's bill as-is: giving citizenship to 2.5 million illegal aliens, even if they have been convicted of multiple crimes!

Now that the Supreme Court has heard the case, this is all going to start moving fast. 

The GOP is literally stabbing you in the back. You must rise up and fight back!

Please, join today's campaign and tell Congress that they MUST kill H.R. 6 or any other amnesty legislation designed to turn illegal alien convicted criminals into American citizens... or else!

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