Breaking: Democrats Forcing Vote This Week to Restore All UN Funding!

Democrats are threatening to shutdown the government unless Republicans agree to restore all of the United Nations funding that Donald Trump has cut!

The Left is trying to stop Trump from withdrawing from the UN Climate Treaty and force the administration to dole out all of the funding that Obama had promised to the United Nations.

This bill would restore billions of dollars to the UN's most anti-American programs.

And the GOP is so terrified of being blamed for a shutdown, they are going to give in to the Left's demands.

They are literally going to surrender American sovereignty to the United Nations in order to try to hold onto their political power.

You MUST stop this betrayal!

Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and tell Republicans and Democrats alike that anyone who votes for H.R. 2839, or any other bill designed to restore and increase the UN's funding, will be removed from office!

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