Pelosi Announces Plan to Sneak Through Radical Gun Control Package!

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats know that their impeachment gamble is hurting them. The American people are turning on them faster than ever before.

The Left knows they have to pass a big piece of legislation to prove they aren't just focused on impeaching Trump. Now, Pelosi has announced what that legislation will be: the biggest gun control package ever put together.

Pelosi now says she has GOP support in both the House and Senate to give the government the power to (1) keep a database of all American gun owners, (2) confiscate guns from innocent people without even charging them with a crime, and (3) block law abiding gun owners from purchasing new firearms.

This is it. If they get this gun control package through, it is all over.

You CANNOT let the Democrats and GOP pass this package!

Quick, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and tell Republicans and Democrats alike that if they vote for any of these radical gun control proposals, they will be dragged out of office!

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