Illegal Alien Who Killed Vietnam Vet Could Get Citizenship Under Pelosi's Amnesty Plan

We just learned that the drunk driver accused of running over and killing a 67-year-old Vietnam Veteran is an illegal alien. On November 10, Marine Veteran Samuel W. Jackson was struck and killed while he was exiting his parked car in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

ICE officials have placed a detainer on the illegal alien. But right now, the GOP is negotiating with Nancy Pelosi on an amnesty bill that could ultimately grant the killer a pathway to US citizenship.

Pelosi and the Left are demanding that Congress pass the so-called American Dream and Promise Act, a massive amnesty bill that would more than triple the size of Barack Obama's unconstitutional amnesty program and even grant citizenship to illegal alien convicted criminals.

That is not an exaggeration. As long as illegal aliens have not been convicted of more than four misdemeanor crimes, they would be eligible to become American citizens. And the GOP cowards are so desperate to "do something" on immigration that they are agreeing to vote for this monstrosity.

You CANNOT let this happen! Please, whatever you do, you must fight back and stop this amnesty giveaway bill from passing!

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