Breaking: Blue State Democrat Abandons Pelosi/Schiff Impeachment Witch Hunt!

The third Democrat just came out against impeachment, and it sending shockwaves across the country. Brenda Lawrence (D-MI) won her seat last year with almost 81 percent of the vote.

But the Pelosi/Schiff impeachment coup is failing so badly, even she is starting to get scared. She is looking at the polls and worries that the coup continues, even she could lose her seat.

But Pelosi and Schiff are still marching forward. They want to cause as much damage to Trump as possible and are confident that some Republicans -- namely Mitt Romney and Susan Collins -- will vote to remove Trump from office. 

Now is the time to finish this! Now is the time to strike fear in the hearts of Republicans and Democrats and FORCE them to pull the plug on this impeachment witch hunt

Please, join the fight today and send your instantly delivered FaxBlast to Congress right now and threaten to remove any Congressman or Senator who dares support the Pelosi/Schiff impeachment coup!

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