Whoa: UN Ordering Trump to Give Them Billions in 'Climate Reparations'

The United Nations is meeting next week in Madrid to come up with a plan to force the United States to pay into their climate change wealth redistribution fund. The UN says they will need $300 Billion a year to run the climate treaty that Barrack Obama illegally and unconstitutionally signed us onto.

But the Democrats have already been meeting with UN officials. And the Left has slipped amendments into an upcoming spending bill that would give the UN all the power it needs to collect the billions they claim we owe them.

Not only are Democrats trying keeps us locked into this unconstitutional wealth redistribution scheme, but their bill also authorize more donations into the treaty and lifts the cap on how much the Federal government is allowed to contribute.

They are setting the stage for the complete and total surrender of our sovereignty to the United Nations. And the GOP is just going to let it pass.

Quick, you must fight back and kill this bill before it's too late! Send your instant and important FaxBlast to Congress right now and pressure them to kill all of the pro-UN amendments that Democrats snuck into the bill!

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