Caught: Dems Working With GOP On Secret Backdoor Gun Control Plan!

Police just announced that the 16-year-old Santa Clarita school shooter used a homemade gun to carry out his attack. He was so intent on killing people, that he broke dozens of laws to build his own firearm.

Democrats see this as an opportunity to finally pass two gun control bill that they have been pushing for years.

H.R. 1266 would make it illegal to build a gun without first getting government permission and registering it. H.R. 3265 would make it a Federal crime to possess or share blueprints or instructions on how to build a firearm.

The Left knows that as long as Americans can build their own firearms, complete civilian disarmament will always be impossible. But if the GOP helps them pass these two bills and surrender away the 2nd Amendment, then Democrats will have a clear shot to their gun control endgame.

Whether you build guns or not, the right to build a firearm is essential to protecting and preserving the 2nd Amendment. You CANNOT let Congress pass these bills!

Quick, send your instant and urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill H.R. 1266 and H.R. 3265 and protect the 2nd Amendment, no matter what!

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