Nancy Pelosi Caught Colluding With United Nations To Restore Funding, Surrender Our Sovereignty

We are now learning more and more about what Nancy Pelosi promised the United Nations last week. She promised the UN that she would stop President Trump from withdrawing from the Climate Treaty that Obama signed (without Congressional approval).

And now, we know how she plans to do it. Democrats are moving full speed ahead and advancing an amendment designed to pull the plug on President Trump's plan to withdraw from the treaty. Not only would their bill make it illegal to withdraw, but Trump would have to continue making the billions in payments to the UN that Obama promised them.

The Left is threatening to shut down the entire government unless Republicans agree to pass their UN surrender provision as-is.

And they only need to get 4 Republicans to flip in order to push it through!

Quick, before it's too late, please send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to kill Pelosi's UN surrender amendment and STOP it from making it into the final spending package!

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