Unbelievable: Obama Approved James Comey's Plan to Spy on Donald Trump

There is no longer any doubt. James Comey and his Deep State allies broke the law and violated the Constitution to spy on President Donald Trump.

They concocted a bogus theory that Trump was a Russian spy to trick a judge into giving them a surveillance warrant. And when they were completely proven wrong, instead of shutting the investigation down, they kept spying on Trump.

Now, thanks to James Comey's bragging, we know that Barack Obama was in on the whole thing. One day before James Comey himself spied on Trump in Trump Tower, he went to the White House to receive Barack Obama's blessing. And he got it.

The GOP has promised for two years that they would drag these criminals in to testify. They promised to hold these people accountable and refer them for prosecution.

But instead of answering for their crimes, these Obama officials are getting away with it.

Enough is enough!

Please, you must ORDER Congress right now to investigate and prosecute all of the Obama administration officials involved in this criminal surveillance... or else!

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