United Nations Begins Cracking Down on Free Speech

The United Nations just received its first batch of US tax dollars under the recently passed spending bill. Just days after cashing the check, the UN advanced a radical resolution to create a new UN body to govern internet "crime."

By "crime," they mean speech. The UN is creating an international body to monitor and govern online speech. 

It was pushed through by both China and Russia, countries that routinely arrest and jail people for criticizing the government online. Now, they want to bring their anti-free policies worldwide.

Every time that the UN has received American tax dollars, they have used them to chip away at our rights and our sovereignty.

Even though Congress passed the spending bill, there is still time to stop the rest of the funds from being disbursed to these UN radicals!

We need your help! Please, join today's FaxBlast campaign and FORCE Congress to pull the plug on the United Nations and pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act!

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