Congress Caught Giving Amnesty to Millions of Illegals!

The Establishments of both parties are working together to push through the biggest amnesty bill in years.

Their legislation -- the Farm Workforce Modernization Act -- would grant amnesty, permanent residency, and a pathway to citizenship for 1.5-2.5 million illegal aliens.

Any illegal alien that claims to have worked on a farm would receive the amnesty, even if they have a previous criminal conviction. And as if it couldn't get worse, the bill provides blanket amnesty to the alien's entire family!

Both the House and the Senate are going to try to rush this bill through before you have a chance to see what they're doing.

Now that you know what they are plotting, you MUST rise up and stop them!

Quick, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress before it's too late and FORCE them to KILL this terrible amnesty package!

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