Tomorrow: Dems Start Voting On Ilhan Omar's Pro-Iran Resolution!

Pelosi is rushing her anti-American and pro-Iranian War Powers Resolution to the floor.

She wants it to pass by the end of this week, which means that the first votes will have to happen starting TOMORROW!

On the Senate side, Democrats are rushing to get the 4 GOP votes they need to push the bill through.

If it passes, Pres. Trump would need to get Democrat permission before defending the country from Iranian attacks. And if he dared defend the US anyway, the resolution would classify Donald Trump as a war criminal.

Democrats are openly siding with the Islamic Republic of Iran over their own country. This is treason.

You MUST stop them before it's too late!

Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill the Pelosi-Omar War Powers Resolution... or else!

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