Leftists Will Ram Through Radical Gun Confiscation Bill!

For the past year, Democrats and Republicans have been waiting for the right time to force their gun control "compromise" onto the American people.

Their bill -- The Extreme Risk Protection Order Act -- would give the government the power to disarm innocent Americans and confiscate their firearms without even needing to accuse them of committing a crime.

Colorado's Red Flag law went into effect on Jan 1 and within 24 hours, police had already used it to disarm a gun owner who was not only legally innocent, but who prosecutors had declined to prosecute. Now, they want to spread this tyranny nationwide...

This is what Democrats have always wanted: the power to disarm innocent gun owners. 

And unless you rise up and stop this, they are going to make this a nationwide program!

Quick, send your instantly delivered letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to block these Red Flag bills from passing... or else they will be removed from office!


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