Breaking: Dems Flipped More GOP Traitors Against Trump!

Democrats believe victory is in sight. They have now secured almost a DOZEN GOP votes to change the Senate rules and force anti-Trump witnesses to testify against the President. The Dems are also confident they have enough votes to hold the impeachment trial by secret ballot and are just 8 votes away from having enough to actually remove Donald Trump from office!

In the House, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff are charging ahead with launching new "investigations" against the President. They are going to continue impeaching Trump for made-up crimes until the GOP agrees to remove him.

This is it. All of the fights we have had against the Democrats, anti-Trump Republicans, media, and deep state... they all come down to this moment.

Please, stand and fight. Do not let these cowards and traitors get away with this!

Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right here and right now and help us FORCE them to kill this sham impeachment, block Pelosi from launching new witch hunts, and finally acquit Donald Trump once and for all!

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