Breaking: Anti-Trump GOPers Are Still Scheming With The Dems!

The pressure is working. Yesterday, the GOP held firm and voted to "table" all of the radical amendments that Schumer and the Dems put forward. The Republican traitors and cowards knew it would be political suicide to vote with the Democrats.

Instead, GOPers like Collins, Murkowski, and Romney say they want to hear the Democrats' case against Trump before deciding whether to authorize the Left's witness list.

You held their feet to the fire yesterday to stop the betrayal, but they are still looking for ways to stab President Trump in the back!

Please, join our massive FaxBlast campaign today and help us bombard Congress with millions of FaxBlasts demanding that they dismiss these bogus impeachment articles and finally put an end to the anti-Trump witch hunts!

We can win this, but we need your help to do it before the GOPers cave!

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