Treason: Nancy Pelosi Working With UN to Defy Trump's Orders!

Trump ordered the United States to withdraw from the UN's Paris Climate Treaty. In defiance of this order, Nancy Pelosi flew to a UN conference last month to try to save it. She told the entire world to ignore President Trump and to negotiate with her instead. This is treasonous.

Nancy Pelosi is in trouble. By pushing these bogus impeachment articles, she has put dozens of Democrat seats at risk. She openly admitted that Democrats would have to lose their seats in order to gt a shot at taking down the President.

Now that the impeachment articles are falling apart, these vulnerable democrats realize that they were being sacrifice by Pelosi for absolutely nothing.

That is why if the vote for the Speakership was held today, Nancy Pelosi would not win.

It is up to you to force that vote!

Quick, you must send your instantly delivered FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to remove Nancy Pelosi from power, once and for all!

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