Insane: Dems Announce New Impeachment 'Inquiry' Targeting Trump!

Democrats haven't learned their lesson. After suffering an embarrassing impeachment defeat, they are now launching a new impeachment investigation against both President Trump and Attorney General Barr.

This time, they are accusing the two men of 'obstructing justice' by stopping the Mueller team's last remaining prosecutors from throwing the book at a former Trump advisor.

Democrats are demanding that both Trump and Barr be removed from office. But this time, they aren't alone. Collins, Murkowski, and -- you guessed it -- Romney have once again condemned Trump and Barr for 'interfering.' The Left hopes that if they advance new impeachment charges, this time they will have enough support from turncoat Republicans...

We can still stop this, but it has to be right now!

Please, join our campaign right now and tell Congress that anyone who signs onto this new impeachment investigation will be dragged out of office!

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