Breaking: GOP Cowards Stopping Trump From Cutting All UN Aid!

This is what we have been fighting for. President Trump released his 2021 budget and it would FINALLY put America First!

Trump's plan calls for an end to aid to the United Nations and would cut over 41 billion in foreign aid. 

For years, Republicans and Democrats have shipped our wealth overseas to countries and organizations that hate us. Trump wants to put a stop to it once and for all!

But the GOP is promising to make Trump's live a living hell if he follows through with the plan. They are now working with Democrats to not only kill Trump's proposal, but also to block the President from cutting any foreign aid funding on his own.

This is our chance to finally put America First!

You CANNOT let these GOP cowards block Trump's foreign and UN aid cuts!

Please, join our FaxBlast campaign today and tell Congress that they MUST approve Pres. Trump's cuts to these UN and foreign aid programs!

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