Breaking: Trump Sends MORE Troops to Border to Stop Illegal Alien Invasion!

President Trump is preparing for a massive border invasion. If the Supreme Court does not uphold Trump's Remain in Mexico program, more than 60,000 illegal aliens will get the green light to storm the US border... and Trump will have no choice but to let them in!

The President is not taking any chances. Trump just mobilized the 687th Engineer Construction Company and the 519th Military Police Battalion and sent them to join the 5,000 troops already stationed along the border.

None of this should be happening. Congress has been sitting on a bill for six months that would have prevented this. The Secure and Protect Act would close all of the loopholes that illegal aliens use to force their way into the country. It would permanently end catch and release.

But neither party wants this bill. Both Republicans and Democrats, for their own reasons, want the border to stay open and for these loopholes to remain in place.

Trump is not having it. He is doing everything he can to prevent this invasion. But he needs your help!

Please, send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to pass the Secure and Protect Act by any means necessary!

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