Breaking: Democrats Vow to Block Subpoenas and Protect the Biden Crime Family

The vote on whether to issue subpoenas to the Bidens is happening TOMORROW. And we just received word that Ron Johnson is also going to be forcing a vote on a subpoena to a Ukrainian embassy official who claims the Democrat Party was trying to get Ukraine to help them beat Trump back in 2016.

This is our chance to finally go on offense. This is our chance to flip the script and start going after these Democrat criminals.

But like clockwork, Democrats and their spineless GOP allies are trying to block the subpoenas from being issued. Not only are they trying to protect the Bidens, but they are trying to protect themselves too.

Conservatives in Congress are vowing to move forward with their subpoenas, but they need your help!

Quick, send your instant message to Congress right now and DEMAND that they launch a full investigation into the Biden crime family and the DNC... or else!

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