Pure Evil: Dems Want To Use Aborted Babies to Cure Coronavirus

Democrats, right now, are trying to push through their most radical proposal yet. They are trying to use the Chinese Coronavirus as an excuse to bailout Planned Parenthood.

Nancy Pelosi has been caught trying to chip away at the Hyde Amendment to let abortionists bill taxpayers for their procedures, the Left has tried to send Planned Parenthood extra stimulus funding, and now Democrats are making their most depraved demand yet: they want to use "fetal tissue" to find a cure for the Chinese Coronavirus.

Let me say that again: Democrats are demanding that the government use taxpayer money -- YOUR money -- to fund researchers trying to use the bodies of aborted children to develop a cure for the Chinese Coronavirus.

We cannot let the cure be worse than the disease and we CANNOT let the Left's Planned Parenthood bailout survive into the next stimulus bill!

Quick, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and help us BLOCK the Left's depraved plan to bailout Planned Parenthood in the next stimulus bill!

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