Today: Dems Advancing Bill to Help Leftists Steal the 2020 Election

Democrats are going for it all. They are threatening to block the stimulus bill and force American companies into bankruptcy unless the GOP agrees to pass Elizabeth Warren's election bill.

Warren wants to create nationwide mail-in voting, which would open the door for unprecedented amounts of fraud. It would legalize "ballot harvesting," which is how the Democrats were able to steal so many Congressional seats last year in California. And as if that wasn't enough, it would mandate that all states allow for at least 30-days of early voting so that the Democrats can drive more of their supporters to the polls. This bill is literally designed to help Democrats steal the 2020 election.

The GOP is already waffling. They are promising to "negotiate" with the Left on this.

You CANNOT let that happen! It is up to YOU, right now, to stop them from caving to the Left's demands!

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