Alert: Pelosi Adding New WHO Funding To Next Stimulus Bill

It was disgraceful that Democrats held up the stimulus package last month to make sure that $760 million in foreign aid got added to it. And it was equally disgraceful to see GOPers roll over and allow the foreign aid giveaway to pass.

Luckily for us, President Trump is committed to putting America first. He blocked many of those funds from being disbursed. After they were caught helping China cover up the coronavirus, Trump announced in April that he was cutting off ALL American funding to the World Health Organization. The President also announced that all foreign aid programs would be limited to surplus, meaning that the United States would only send foreign countries medical equipment if we already had enough to treat our own citizens.

Democrats were furious and vowed to undo Trump's UN and WHO funding cuts as soon as possible. Well, that day has arrived. The Left is writing their new $1 Trillion 'phase four' stimulus bill and not only are they undoing Trump's cuts, but they are trying to increase the UN and WHO funding to the highest levels ever!

And the GOP is already caving to their demands. They plan to roll over, just like last time.

You need to fight back and STOP this United Nations and World Health Organization foreign aid giveaway before it's too late!

Join today's campaign and help us BOMBARD Congress with a half million FaxBlasts telling them that any Republican or Democrat who votes for additional foreign must be removed from power!


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