Insanity: Leftists Team Up With UN To Ban Covid-19 'Hate Speech'

When the World Health Organization was caught helping China cover up the truth about the Coronavirus' origins, Trump decided to cut all US funding to them. Instead of sending $500 million to these anti-American UN officials, Trump re-routed the funding to American health providers instead.

Nancy Pelosi promised the UN that not only would she restore the funding that Trump cut, but she would increase their funding as well. Pelosi is planning to force a vote on this traitorous amendment this coming week.

How did the UN respond? By doubling down on their crackdown of "hate speech." The money hasn't even hit their account yet and they are already trying to dissolve our 1st Amendment rights...

We can stop this, right here and right now. But you need to get loud and DEMAND that Congress kill this UN/WHO funding increase before it's too late!

Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and tell Republicans and Democrats alike that anyone who votes to restore or increase funding to the UN or WHO will be dragged out of office!

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