Breaking News: Pelosi Sneaks Total Amnesty Provision Into Next Stimulus Bill!

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats just unveiled their Phase Four stimulus bill. They are calling it the Heroes Act, but instead of prioritizing the needs of Americans, their bill includes the biggest bailout and amnesty package for illegal aliens that we have EVER seen!

Illegal aliens working in so-called critical industries (agriculture, food-service, sanitation, construction, etc) would instantly receive amnesty. The bill also prohibits companies from discriminating against illegal alien job applicants. At a time when tens of millions of Americans are out of work, the Democrats' plan is to force Americans to compete with illegals for jobs...

But the bill also approves hazard pay bonuses and stimulus checks for illegal alien families as well, which would literally pay illegal aliens more than many Americans...

Pelosi is throwing everything into the bill, hoping she can force the GOP to "compromise" and agree to at least some of it.

Congress is voting on this bill in just TWO DAYS. If you want to stop this monstrosity from passing, it has to be right now!

Please, you must send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and force them to KILL Nancy Pelosi's new amnesty bill by any means necessary... or else!

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