Of Course: Pelosi Tells GOP Illegal Alien Bailout and Amnesty is Non-Negotiable

Pelosi's so-called Heroes Act passed the House yesterday by a slim 9-vote margin. Only one GOPer flipped to vote for it and 14 Democrats turned on Pelosi and voted against it.

Now that McConnell has said the bill itself is dead-on-arrival, Pelosi and the Left have sent the GOP their list of non-negotiable demands. And at the top of that list is cash payments and amnesty for practically all illegal aliens!

Pelosi is demanding that the GOP cave and agree to give illegal aliens (1) more pay and benefits, (2) permission to work in the United States, and (3) protection from deportation.

If this survives into the final bill, there will be no coming back!

This fight is NOT over. In fact, it is just beginning!

Quick, send your instantly delivered letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill Pelosi's illegal alien benefits and amnesty amendments... or else!

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