Dems Pushing HR6666 to Force Their Way Into Your Home!

Democrats are trying to use their massive, $3 trillion spending bill as cover to hide a much more sinister proposal. While everyone was focusing on Nancy Pelosi's Heroes Act, Rep. Bobby (D-IL) introduced a bill he is calling the COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, and Contacting (TRACE) Act. Not kidding, the Democrats assigned the legislation the bill number of 6666 (the sign of the beast).

While there is a lot of false information surrounding this bill, one thing is absolutely true: It would send Federal funds to cities and states to help them come into people's homes to "test and quarantine" them.

We have already seen these new "contact tracing" powers abused in states like California and Oregon. One woman even became the subject of a child endangerment investigation after she re-opened her salon against the government's orders.

If this bill passes, Americans rights will be violated. That is by design. Democrats have used the coronavirus crisis as an excuse to chip away at practically all of our constitutional rights. This bill is no different.

We can stop H.R.6666 from passing, but only if we team up together right now!

We need your help! Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and force them to KILL H.R.6666 before it's too late!

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