Romney Caves, Now Helping Dems Pass 1 Trillion Unrestricted State/Local Bailout!

Mitt Romney just broke with the GOP and sided with Nancy Pelosi in her plan to send $1 Trillion in unrestricted, no-strings-attached bailout funding to cities and states.

We know that if this passes, it will be abused. States like New York and California will use it to do things like defend against 2nd Amendment lawsuits, send stimulus checks to illegal aliens, and even reward public sector unions by refilling their pension funds.

Now that the Democrats have Mitt Romney, they only need to flip a couple more GOP traitors and they will have enough votes to push this monstrosity through.

It is more important now, than ever before, for you to rise up and fight back against this!

Don't let Pelosi and her GOP allies push this through! Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and force them to KILL Nancy Pelosi's unrestricted state/local bailout plan!

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