Dems' New Coronavirus Gun Ban Is Moving Forward!

The Democrats are moving full speed ahead with their new coronavirus gun ban.

After Democrat mayors and governors forced gun stores to close, law abiding citizens around the country turned to gun kits so they could legally build their own firearms at home.

Now, Democrats want to crack down on homemade firearms. Their bill -- the Untraceable Firearms Act -- would not only ban homemade firearms without first obtaining the Federal government's permission, but it would also force gun owners to undergo an additional background check every time they want to upgrade or repair their firearms.

The Left is pushing forward with this new gun ban and are promising their base that they will attach it to the upcoming stage four stimulus bill. And they are already convincing Republicans to sign onto it!

Stop the Left's new coronavirus gun ban before it's too late! Quick, send your instant message to Congress now and demand that they KILL the Untraceable Firearms Act of 2020... or else!

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