Breaking: Dems Scheming To Restore The WHO's Funding!

President Donald Trump has officially notified the United Nations and World Health Organization that unless the WHO undergoes significant reforms to remove Chinese control over the organization, the United States will cease all financial contributions to the WHO.

The WHO largely ignored Trump's threat, agreeing to authorize an investigation into the pandemic's origins but insisting that China play a role in it.

The reason that the UN and WHO ignored Trump's threat is because they are working with Nancy Pelosi directly to get their funding restored. As you remember, Pelosi flew to Europe in December and told the UN to negotiate with her over funding instead of the President. Now, they are doing just that...

Pelosi is scheming to add UN and World Health Organization funding to the upcoming Phase Four stimulus bill.

There is still time to stop her, but you need to take action right now!

Don't let Pelosi and the Democrats restore the UN and WHO's funding! Please, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and force them to hold the line and make Trump's funding cuts permanent!

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