Shameful: GOPers Too Afraid To Subpoena Deep State Criminals!

What the GOP did last week was shameful. 

Rod Rosenstein admitted that not only did he break the law, but that other DOJ and FBI officials broke the law in order to spy on Trump and his team.

Conservatives immediately drafted more than FIFTY subpoenas to force each and every Deep State traitor to answer for their crimes. But at the last minute, the GOP blinked. Lindsey Graham abandoned the vote and rescheduled it for this week. Now, GOPers are warning that it might not even happen at all...

They are going to let these Deep State conspirators off the hook because they think you aren't paying attention.

You must prove them wrong right now!

Don't let these GOP cowards surrender! Quick, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and DEMAND that they authorize all 50+ Deep State subpoenas... or else!


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