With All Eyes On Protests, Pelosi Trying To Sneak Through Amnesty

Nancy Pelosi is trying to sneak through a MASSIVE amnesty giveaway. 

Remember her so-called Heroes Act, the insane coronavirus bailout bill that Democrats were pushing last month? It was called the Heroes Act because it included a funding increase for police departments. Now, less than a month later, Democrats are pushing to defund the police instead.

They need a group of "heroes" to honor with their bill. And Pelosi has chosen to honor illegal aliens with the biggest amnesty giveaway ever!

The GOP is lining up to support it. With the Supreme Court just days away from ruling on Obama's amnesty program, the GOP's corporate donors are demanding that the program be made permanent.

They think that now is the right time to sneak this through because they think you aren't paying attention...

Prove them wrong! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and THREATEN to remove any Congressman or Senator who dares vote for this amnesty plan!

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