Unbelievable: Supreme Court Rules Trump Must Obey Obama's Amnesty Order!

The Supreme Court just issued its most radical ruling yet. They decided that Donald Trump is not allowed to rescind Barack Obama's illegal and unconstitutional amnesty executive order because Trump didn't provide a good enough reason to do it and didn't take illegal aliens' "hardship" into account.

For years, going all the way back to John Boehner and Paul Ryan, the GOP has promised that if the Supreme Court refused to overturn Obama's amnesty order, they would do whatever it takes to overturn it themselves.

But now that the Supreme Court has issued its ruling, the GOP cowards are getting cold feet. Instead of honoring their oath, cowards like Mitt Romney are now pushing to help Democrats make it permanent!

As you read this, the GOP is meeting behind closed doors to figure out a way to stab you in the back.

Please, you must join this push to STOP the GOP from surrendering!

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