Nancy Pelosi Blocking Trump From Ending Obama's Amnesty Program Again!

When the Supreme Court blocked Trump from ending Obama's unconstitutional and illegal amnesty, it was not a permanent block. John Roberts said that Trump simply hadn't provided a good enough reason to cancel the program.

Both Democrats and the GOP were hopeful Trump would just give up on the issue.

But when has President Trump ever been known to give up? As ridiculous as the Supreme Court's decision was, it left Donald Trump with an opening to re-do his order to shut down the amnesty program. And that is exactly what he is doing!

This week, the Trump administration will re-announce the end of Barack Obama's amnesty program.

Now, Republicans and Democrats alike are scrambling to make Obama's amnesty executive order permanent before Trump has another chance to undo it!

You MUST rise up and put a stop to this! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and demand they KILL Nancy Pelosi's amnesty package before it is too late!

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