Cheat-By-Mail: Dems Advancing Plan To Steal The 2020 Election!

Nancy Pelosi knows that the clock is running out. She knows that if she does not push through her Cheat-By-Mail legislation now, there will not be enough time to implement it in time for the November election.

That is why she is promising her party a vote next week. She is promising to push through mandatory nationwide mail-in-voting, the elimination of voter ID requirements, and the legalization of "ballot harvesting."

If the Left is able to pass this three-part plan, it is over. This is literally designed to help them steal the election.

If you want to kill this monstrosity, you need to rise up and get loud right now! Quick, send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and KILL Nancy Pelosi's vote-by-mail bill before it's too late!

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